Guiding Clients Through All Phases of Construction

On a regular basis, EMC’s team of professionals performs surveying and mapping services for construction projects. EMC has experience in all the facets of construction surveying and mapping such as design, layout, as-built, quantity and control surveys. These surveys are typically done with RTK/total stations or automated hydrographic systems. These methods of data collection provide EMC with a fast, efficient and accurate survey allowing us to complete the largest of projects in a timely fashion and on budget for our clients.

Experienced, Efficient & Accurate

  • Levee Enlargements Surveys
  • Revetment, Dike and Jetty Construction Surveys
  • Control Structure Construction Surveys
  • Lock and Dam Construction Surveys
  • Minor Levee Constructions and Repairs Surveys
  • Building Structure Surveys
  • Road and Bridge Construction Surveys
  • Pipeline Construction Surveys
  • Telecommunication Construction Surveys


Recent Clients Include:

  • Bertucci Contracting Corporation
  • Manson Construction Company
  • Manson Gulf
  • Kiewit Construction
  • Gulf IntraCoastal Constructors
  • Greenhorne & O’Mara
  • Black & Veatch Corportation
  • Robinson Construction
  • Centex
  • Kiewit Massman Taylor Construction
  • USACE, New Orleans
  • USACE, Vicksburg
  • USACE, Jacksonville
  • USACE, Mobile
  • USACE, Memphis
  • USACE, Norfolk
  • USACE, St. Louis
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