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Government Experience

EMC, Inc. has managed numerous government contracts consisting of hundreds of delivery orders totaling millions of dollar in fees. These delivery orders included such highly specialized projects as a L1/L2 GPS, testing of Coast Guard Navbeacon for the COE, and specialized programs for COE, multi-beam, photogrammetry, and boundary litigation. For these forty contracts EMC has received numerous excellent and above average ratings. All projects have begun on time and maintained project schedules. When a project is delayed for any reason (weather, site conditions, etc.), we keep our clients informed and strive to make up for delays by working overtime or assigning additional personnel.

EMC has an exceptional record of cost control in the previous contracts. The Quality of Work and Compliance with Performance Schedules are enforced in the work flows and procedures in all projects for our in-house personnel and our sub-contractors.


Summary of EMC’s experience with government contracts:

  • Twenty Five years performing land and boundary surveys
  • Twenty Five years performing survey engineering projects
  • Twenty Five years developing automated topographic surveys with total stations and data collectors
  • Twenty Two years performing first order horizontal and vertical control surveys including; Twenty with GPS
  • Sixteen years performing surveys using RTK
  • Twenty Five years developing automated hydrographic surveys- Twenty years with DGPS
  • Eighteen years using Multibeam hydrographic survey systems
  • Twenty One years collecting gauge and discharge measurements on the Mississippi River including ADCP Doppler surveys
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