High Definition Mobile LiDAR

When traditional techniques are ineffective or inefficient 



EMC’s new VMX-Line 3D Mobile LiDAR offers our clients the highest measuring rates while providing the most dense, highest accuracy and feature-rich data on the market today, even at high driving speeds.   Our system integrates two laser scanners as well as inertial measurement and GNSS equipment, housed under an aerodynamically-shaped protective cover.  The system also includes a well-designed camera platform allowing us to mount and setup up to six high-resolution digital cameras.  The VMX system is modular in design to allow a quick setup on different vehicles (or vessels, railcars) and provides our client’s with a fast highly-accurate laser ranging that is based upon a unrivaled echo signal digitization technology with online waveform processing, this allows EMC to achieve superior measurement capability.  Each of the two eye safe laser scanners provides low-noise, gapless 360° profiles at a measurement rate of 550,000 meas/sec. and a scan rate of up to 200 profiles/sec.


EMC’s Applications

EMC utilizes our laser scanner for surveying and mapping of roadways, bridges and rail corridors (e.g. route inventory, clearance evaluation, rail gauge determination, etc.), waterways, ports, and harbors (e.g. river banks, jetties, cliffs, etc.) as well as extended    urban and rural areas.  EMC also uses this system for surveying and engineering measurements, as-built surveying, road and bridge modeling and any civil engineering project where our clients need fast accurate data.


other applications include:

  • Transportation Infrastructure Mapping
  • Mapping Rail Corridors
  • As Built conditions
  • Construction operation as it happens
  • Site modeling and layout
  • Volume/Quantity Surveys
  • Quality Control


Project Example - Interstate 540, Fort Smith, AR


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