High Definition Surveys

Fully Linear, Unidirectional & Parallel Scans


EMC’s new V-Line 3D Terrestrial/Mobile Laser Scanner provides our clients with high speed, non-contact data acquisition using a narrow infrared laser beam on a fast scanning mechanism. This system provides our clients with high-accurate laser ranging that is based upon a unique echo digitization and full waveform processing, this allows EMC to achieve superior measurement capability even under adverse atmospheric conditions and the evaluation of multiple target echoes. The line scanning mechanism is based upon the fast rotating multi-faceted polygonal mirror, which provides fully linear, unidirectional and parallel scan lines. EMC’s laser scanner is a compact and lightweight surveying instrument, mountable in any orientation and even under limited space conditions.


Innovative Benefits

  • Terrestrial/Mobile Laser Scanning
  • Full Waveform Processing, (1 beam equals 16 returns)
  • High Speed Data Acquisition
  • Wide Field of View
  • Accurate High Precision Ranging
  • Multiple Target Capability
  • Superior Measurement
  • Digital Imagery
  • Integrated Inclination Sensor & Laser Plummet
  • GPS Receiver with Antenna
  • Various Interfaces


EMC’s Applications

EMC utilizes our laser scanner for surveying and mapping of roadways, bridges and rail corridors (e.g. route inventory, clearance evaluation, rail gauge determination, etc.), waterways, ports, and harbors (e.g. river banks, jetties, cliffs, etc.) as well as extended urban and rural areas. EMC also uses this system for surveying and engineering measurements, as-built surveying, road and bridge modeling and any civil engineering project where our clients need fast accurate data.

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