Topographic & Land Survey




When performing a land survey, EMC can gather all features using our ground based LiDAR systems, RTK GPS and/or automated Total Station systems. Types of surveys performed include ground based LiDAR, first, second and third order horizontal and vertical control surveys, and automated (Total Station / Data Collector) GPS topographic surveys. We have performed plan and specification surveys and site condition surveys in support of design and construction for many government and private entities.  All standard land surveys are performed with Trimble R8 GNSS and/or Topcon one-second total stations with data collectors to provide our clients with an efficiently produced, professional product. EMC maintains the latest versions of related software packages to ensure that all data gathered for our clients can be presented to them in a format compatible with their preferred software.


Please view the High Definition Surveys and High Definition Mobile LiDAR tabs for more information on this cutting edge technology.




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