Real Time Kinematic (RTK)

Instant Results with Real Time Kinematic (RTK)


EMC utilizes RTK Systems from Trimble Navigation with GNSS (GLONASS) and VRS (Virtual Reference Station) capabilities. These receivers incorporate a GPS antenna, receiver, internal radio with a transmit option or an internal GSM module, and a battery in a light weight unit suited for an all on the pole rover.  Each of these compact and highly mobile systems use Real Time Kinematic (RTK), UHF Radio Telemetry System, and blue tooth compatible hand held data collectors. These systems allow the ability to track L1/L2, L2C and L5 signals.  Combining these systems with our one second total stations allows our survey team to work freely throughout suitable sites regardless of line of site and gather centimeter accuracy xyz data in the data collector in real time. Our systems combined with either standard vehichles, all terrain vehicles or hydrographic vessels can provide a fast and accurate method of surveying any project area.  

EMC has conducted the following types of surveys utilizing RTK Technology

  • Boundary
  • Topographic
  • Construction
  • Deformationl
  • Site planning
  • LiDar
  • Hydrographic


Oil, Gas and PipelineOil, Gas and Pipeline
Energy and DistributionEnergy and Distribution
Federal ProjectsFederal Projects